Discover Our New Free Special Euro Game

To celebrate Euro 2024, we present a new free game: Premier 3. Easy to use and quick to play, this free football game could win you prizes every day. 

How to play Premier 3? 

Simply log into your account or create one to play our free games.

Then, it’s very simple: answer 3 questions by predicting the scores of 3 different matches, and you can win 5,000 F CFA or other prizes in the leaderboard every day.

So, if you’re a football fan and following Euro 2024 with excitement, this game is perfect for you. You only need an account, no money is required, it’s completely free!

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Play Our Second Free Game: Quiz for Cash

We also have another free game for you: Quiz for Cash. Just like Premier 3, it’s also completely free! You only need an account.

For Quiz for Cash, you need to answer 8 simple questions about various sports matches. It can be about football, basketball, tennis, MMA.

You can play Quiz for Cash every day and try to win a jackpot of 15,000,000 F CFA.

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These free games are an incredible chance for our players to win rewards without wagering money. They also help you get familiar with the world of sports betting. If you wish to bet on the Euros, we have a promotion that might interest you: win 1 free bet every day when you bet on the Euro. If you want to know more, click here.

Remember, sports betting is for your entertainment so it is important that you bet responsibly in order to enjoy safely. 

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