Premier Loto and RJC renovate tennis facilities in Cameroon

A tennis court in Cameroon has had a major revamp thanks to work from Premier Loto and RJC.

The Bonanjo Tennis Club was renovated to a modern sports centre, with all of the necessary equipment to play the sport. The work was financed by Premier Loto, Premier Bet and RJC.

The initiator of the project, Mesmi Watat, was tired of seeing the tennis club he loved in such a sorry state. Watat decided to take matters into his own hands and looked for sponsors.

Positive impact on community

RJC and Premier Loto, assisted by their charity wing Premier Projects, decided to invest in the tennis court. The groups saw the positive impact this would have on the local community.

Madame Lajoie, director of RJC, declared: “The RJC is a corporate citizen whose vocation is to help all Cameroonians. This is an important project for the local community and we did not hesitate for a moment to invest in this renovation.

“You only have to see the smiles of all these people who come to play to understand the impact this modernization has on thousands of people.”

Sustainable development

The Chief Operating Officer of Premier Loto and Premier Bet was also present at the ceremony and welcomed the outcome of this project. “Each achievement is a demonstration of our intention to achieve sustainable development. We are committed to the long term, each time responding to new issues with new projects and new partners. We still have many surprises in store for you.”

The specificity of the Bonanjo Tennis Club is to welcome many players from disadvantaged backgrounds. Hence the great importance it has within the local community.

The total renovation of buildings and land is a success for all and a step forward in improving the well-being of our population.

This is not the first time Premier Projects has worked on societal issues in Cameroon with RJC. In August 2020, the pair announced their intention to build a care home for the elderly. The groups have also donated important PPE to institutions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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