Premier Projects donates essential health products to combat COVID-19

Premier Projects COVID-19

The world has been hit by a health crisis that spares no country, let alone Cameroon. With the COVID-19 pandemic destroying lives, acts of selflessness and community are greatly received.

Premier Bet and RJC have contributed to the improvement of health services and medical care for many people in this rather delicate period.

Premier Projects, the charitable sector of Premier Bet and RJC, donated several sanitary facilities to the Catholic Health Centre St Louis. The centre is located in the village of Ngompém. This donation composed of essential drugs, care kits, screening, a portable echo device with 03 probes,  a strip reader, a generator and many more important items.

A representative of Premier Projects commented that the need for drinking water, sanitation and above all basic health care, was crucial for developing nations such as Cameroon. In times like this, these words could not be truer.

In addition to this donation, hygiene kits have also been provided to Sister Amalia, the director of the centre. Sister Amalia could not hide her joy at this act from Premier Projects. The kits composed of hydro-alcoholic gels, surgical masks and thermo flashes.

The opportunity was also seized by Patriarch Yinda who issued a statement to everyone: “These devices are for saving our lives. Whenever I learn that a woman has given birth here, I jump for joy. We went through the difficult times for our women, our daughters and our sisters.”

This initiative further proves that Premier Projects and RJC are dedicated to “health for all” in Cameroon, with many more examples already in existence.

In January and February, Premier Projects started the construction of a major sports complex in Cameroon, offering residents advanced facilities to stay active.

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